Johnson-Marling Wedding

Hi there! Sorry this took a bit – I had to pull the files out of archive, which takes a while. Take a look and let me know which sizes you want of which images. When you click a photo to view it bigger, there’s a number in the link. Use this a reference to make it easier on me 😉
Some things to keep in mind: I have a great canvas vendor I love that offers canvases at a much lower cost to photographers than other print labs (they do exclusively canvas). This can be a good option for any photos you want large, but they do cost ~$15 – $25 to ship, depending on the size.
Standard frame and mat sizes:
8×10 frames hold matted 5x7s
11×14 frames hold matted 8x10s
16×20 frames hold matted 11x14s
Of course, you can frame your photos however you like – with or without mats 😉