Peaceful Harbor Sunset – Elk Rapids

Photo: sunset reflections, Elk Rapids harbor
A peaceful sunset reflects in the Elk Rapids harbor

We haven’t seen much of the sun lately, which has sent me back through the photo archives in search of images to develop that suit my mood. This is good; some nice stuff gets lost with the progression of time as I make more images. Yesterday, though, the sun flitted in and out of the clouds. It wasn’t sunny, but there was enough interesting light for me to grab my camera. About ten minutes after astronomical sunset, the remaining light of the day painted few clouds in the sky pink. Because of their angle, I dashed over to the arching breakwater (which I knew would compliment the clouds above and their reflection in the water) in the Elk Rapids Harbor to set up my tripod. The water was already pretty smooth, but I wanted to ensure I captured the serene mood. I set my aperture as small as I could (f/22), and reduced my shutter speed to two seconds – slow enough to smooth out the water while maintaining most of the detail in the clouds.