Stars Over Alden

Photo: Alden, Michigan, night sky
Stars shine above Alden, Michigan

We ventured out the other night in search of the rumored aurora borealis. Unfortunately, it was early – meaning that the aurora was best visible farther east on the planet where it was later in the night – and the full moon was quickly rising. Though no photos of the northern lights were forthcoming, the cold, clear night made for great star viewing, despite the moon’s bright light. Plus, the moonlight illuminated some of the ice lining Torch Lake, as well as this peeling paper birch. I used my flashlight to help my camera find focus on the tree, and then switched it back off. I love how the moon highlights the white edge of the tree while still preserving the silhouette framing the lake and the Alden Marina in the distance. Thanks to the moon’s light, I was able to shoot this one at a low ISO for 30 seconds at f/2.8.
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