Glowing Sunset Over Frozen Torch Lake

Photo: Glowing sunset reflects off a frozen Torch Lake
Torch Lake’s frozen blue waters reflect a warm setting sun

With steady cold temperatures most of our inland lakes are frozen, which brings new photographic opportunities and challenges. I initially set up at the Marina in Alden for a time-lapse, but with Torch Lake’s surface frozen nearly solid (it’s not quite there yet – you should hear the ice crackle!), the video just wasn’t very interesting. Instead, I opted to keep a set of images I made just before I started the now-trashed time-lapse. I exposed one image for the vibrant, glowing sky, and another to capture the detail in the snow and ice. I blended the two exposures in Photoshop for this final version. Was I disappointed that the video wasn’t stunning? Sure. But I am thrilled with this “fire and ice” composition that I walked away with.
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