Sunday Funday: The Dog Edition

On November 9, 2013, Petey wiggled his way into our home. We had gone to the animal shelter looking for a smallish (~35-lbs) dog – preferably female – to take adventuring. At almost 50 pounds and male, Petey was not what we thought we were looking for. However, it was abundantly clear that he was our dog.

Petey’s first night home.

Petey now weighs in just under 65 pounds, split evenly between muscles and his big head. He’s a sensitive soul who loves meeting people only slightly less than playing with other dogs. We have logged countless miles together; he really is our constant adventurer. It’s a rare photographic outing that Petey isn’t by my side – or being admonished not to mar the smooth snow or sand 😉

Besides northern Michigan landscapes, he’s one of my favorite subjects. He will happily pose for treats, and he will even more happily frolic about, absolutely carefree. Barreling with closed eyes through the woods not withstanding, I could learn a lesson or two from this dog: Always say “yes” to a good adventure, run while you can, smile often and play more.

Running through the woods today.

Near the Traverse City area and want photos with your pet? Or maybe just of your pet? Contact me! I love all dogs, and always have a pocket full of treats 🙂