Ice Maw and Mackinac at Moonrise

Photo: ice formations and Mackinac Bridge + reflections during moonrise
The moon rises over the Mackinac Bridge and the menacing maw of a small Lake Michigan ice cave

I’d like a print!

11mm, iso 100, f/2.8, 10-sec

I am so excited about this image. After gallivanting around the northern reaches of Michigan’s lower peninsula, we set our sights on the Mackinac Bridge – specifically McGulpin Rock – to watch the sunset. Sun bathed the landscape for most of the day, but clouds had since shrouded the sky – dashing my hopes for great light. What I hadn’t counted on, though, was the the Straits of Mackinac were nearly without a ripple. As night deepened, the bridge’s reflection became clearer, and my continued shoreline exploration led me to this icy maw adjacent to the McGulpin Rock. Despite the moonlight filtering through the clouds, there wasn’t enough contrast to see the ice in a photo the way I could with my eyes. So I broke out my trusty speedlight, which I diffused and used on a low setting. I’m sure I arrived back at the car with a goofy grin. How could I not? I had just witnessed a Pure Michigan Magic Moment. I’m still giddy. 🙂

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