Snow-Hiking at the Grass River Natural Area

Photo: Snowy footbridge over creek - Grass River Natural Area
Thick snow covers a footbridge over a creek at the Grass River Natural Area

I’d like a print!

Three photos: 11mm iso 100 f/22 .8-s, 3.0-s, 1/4-s

I met up with some lovely ladies yesterday afternoon for a pre-class trek around the Grass River Natural Area. I’m sure if you snowshoe, this would be a great place to use them, but I find them to be mostly a hindrance to my mobility. Generally I do what I did yesterday, which is just hike in my winter boots and snow pants.

Warmer temperatures recently have melted much of the snow off the trees, but the Grass River wetlands seem to be holding onto the fluff. The sun shone earlier in the day, and I was initially hopeful for some beautiful winter bluebird skies, but I should’ve known better. By the time we arrived near the area in Bellaire, lake effect snow was flying again. So the skies were a little drab for grand landscapes, but that didn’t stop me from finding a few vignettes I really liked, including this one. I shot this scene in a way that’s out of character for me, mainly because I wanted some fodder for the Lightroom workshop I was teaching later that day. I don’t normally do traditional HDRs, but I think Lightroom has improved its engine, allowing you get decent results in one program.

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